More Than Just A Developer

 Research, Experience, and Knowledge

ASG has active developments in the hospitality, residential, industrial, retirement living, specialist disability accommodation, and healthcare sectors. ASG is at the forefront of developing strategic and tactical philosophies, allowing us to respond appropriately to challenges whilst we seek to maximise risk-adjusted returns.

ASG’s proprietary research is specifically designed to allow it to maintain conviction in its decision-making even when confusion and uncertainty prevail as markets move and change.

Research tools that support

Our ability to predict future trends and spot opportunities early depends on building the right tools for strategic analysis. ASG’s execution and investment expertise is always supported by top-class research. 

Business Meeting

How to turn a good asset into a great investment 

ASG believes opportunities arising in the next few years will be amongst the most exciting of the past two decades. Significant investment opportunities are opening up across Australia and Hong Kong, and we are positioning ourselves to realise attractive risk-adjusted returns.

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Strategies to challenge the market

The ASG investment approach encompasses opportunistic, value-added strategies. ASG actively pursues assets that present a healthy slug of ‘asset management challenge’. Every asset we acquire has a clearly defined plan to proactively increase the value of our investment. 

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The ASG Guarantee

ASG boasts a track record for identifying and delivering high quality, profitable developments. Our passion in the pursuit of excellence is reflected in the quality of projects completed and we provide our partners with peace of mind that what is being promised is actually delivered. 

Having completed projects across Australia and Hong Kong, ASG is proud of the developments it has contributed to the communities and cities around the country and beyond, and remains excited about creating productive and inspiring places in the future.

Development Acquisition

With ASG’s extensive network and industry reach, we work tirelessly to source exceptional on and off market development opportunities supported by reliable due diligence assessments, including feasibility and yield analysis.

Project Management

ASG manages all aspects of the project to ensure the projects objectives are delivered on time, on budget, and to a high quality. By assigning only high calibre senior personnel to each project, we provide a methodical, personal, and hands‐on delivery approach. This results in shorter building durations, reduced building costs, mitigated project risk, and the successful completion of projects.

Asset Managment - ASG Assets

ASG Assets is highly experienced in realising the best possible use of real estate assets, including disposal, acquisition, reinvestment, and/or development, to achieve the best possible revenues and returns.

Development Management

Our experienced and senior Development Management team work diligently to extract the highest and best use from each development opportunity. We provide the experience, networks, and contacts to streamline the development process and ensure profit is maximised.

Funds Management

Headed by one of Australia’s most influential and respected individuals, a Medal of the order of Australia (OAM) recipient, George Varlamos has a background in financial services of over 50 years in commercial banking and stockbroking. He was a Senior Partner/Director of Bain & Co. for 23 years and the Managing Director of London and Melbourne regions as well as being responsible for Bain's worldwide Institutional Division. A former Director and member of the Board of Management of EL & C Baillieu Stockbroking Ltd.

Facility Management - Inter ®

ASG’s facilities management team, Inter, focuses on making the best possible use of property to enhance and optimise the business operations. ASG’s approach identifies the property’s needs, reduces idle facilities, plans for better practices, and enhances operational efficiency.

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Due Diligence